Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bible in 90 Days--Yes, We Can!

I might regret this, but I've challenged our little congregation to read the Bible in 90 days. The bee was put in our bonnet by Ashley--that powerhouse of a youth pastor who joined us at the beginning of 2009, but only stayed a short while. Her contacts from Houston put her onto this. I think sometimes that that's the way the Holy Spirit works--someone experiences power and transformation, and it infects someone else...and so on, and so on... What will happen we don't yet know, but the Bible is something that has 'happened' to people for a long time. Yet, in our day, so few people actually know what it says, and many of those who do know seem to use it in abusive and destructive ways. Is the Bible inherently ugly? or is what Christians call 'the word of God' only an ancient piece of literature, without any relevance for modern or even post-modern, people?
I don't know what will happen by encouraging people to read the bible straight through, like a novel. I hope that what will happen to us is that some infection, some curiosity will be awakened. I hope that we will begin to take it seriously and joyously as an amazing revelation of what God is doing in human life.